4 Paws Kingdom Campground and Dog Resort

One Happy Camper!

Far and away Sophie’s favorite campground is 4 Paws Campground and Dog Resort. This is a little slice of doggie heaven located near Rutherfordton, NC. What’s not to love? A campground just for dogs and humans that don’t think its crazy to go a dog campground. The kingdom is a wonderfully social campground, both for the dogs and humans. They have several off leash areas, a pond, an agility area, and a bath house for cleaning up before you head back to the trailer. Since we have a trailer we haven’t tried the other options, but there are cabins, trailers, and even a yurt available for the those without an RV.

Sophie makes new best friends forever each time she visits 4 Paws.

4 Paws theme weekends are a lot of fun; we’ve hunted Easter eggs, cheered for the Kentucky Derby, had brats for Octoberfest, and won a chili cook-off, all with a campfire at the end of the day and The Pupsicle by our side. Doesn’t get any better than that.

Lake Lure is just up the road, and a wonderful spot for a grand adventure.

If you’re looking for a dog friendly get away, you really need to give 4 Paws Kingdom a try, we’ve been camping here since 2013 and it gets better every year.

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