Fort Wilderness

We have camped at Disney World’s Fort Wilderness before, but that time we brought the kids and the grand kids. When new visited in early December it was myself, Elizabeth, and Sophie. Taking the kids is a lot of fun, but the just us was much more relaxing. We had a wonderful trip, but this blog is about The Pupsicle, so I’ll focus on aspects that affected her.

In order to camp in early December we made reservations in January of the same year. I’m sure you could wait a little longer, but I wouldn’t make reservations much later. We asked for a site near the dog park when the reservation was made and then later, around October, I called and spoke with the reservations folks and reiterated our request. While checking in we again asked for a spot near the dog park and they were most accomodating by giving us a site in the 500 loop right across from the dog park. The site was perfect and no more than a 5 minute walk to get to the dog park.

Camp Site in the 500 Loop

We found that Sophie was welcome in most places, The Trading Posts, around the marina, even near the stables. I would say the campground is certainly dog friendly. Many campers had a dogs, as with most campgrounds and they got along well.

Sophie wishing others played disc.

The dog park itself was a pretty good size and well kept. There was one side for small dogs and another, larger side for larger dogs. As with most dog parks we had pretty luck with the other owners and only had one instance where some more aggressive dogs were in the park, so we just went next door and were fine.

The Pupsicle and her new BFF.

We could hear the Magic Kingdom fireworks in the evening but it wasn’t loud enough to cause any issue. The horse drawn carriage came through our loop regularly in the evening which was nice. It was certainly easy to see why, most campgrounds were decorated for Christmas. Many quite extensively.

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